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Benefits & Prevention Using Holistic Massage

Giving ways to market the benefits and prevention of holistic massage therapy through all the system’s physiology while also explaining the pathologies.

At the end of this course the therapist will be able to take a first time or existing client and explain benefits and prevention of holistic massage and how holistic massage can directly and indirectly effect specific system strengths and weaknesses. 

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Creating the Foundation - Part 1 Assessment and Analysis of Posture and Alignment

To educate beginner and intermediate therapists on creating a strong foundation with therapeutic massage therapy through assessment skills and the analysis of the muscular system.

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Understanding A Holistic Therapeutic Massage from Foundational Assessment

To continue creating from the foundation of assessment course and teach the therapist how to use that assessment and analysis in building a therapeutic massage program for a client - whether it is session by session or understanding the marketing of a session package.

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