Jen Cusmano

Jen, known by most for her remarkable reputation in massage therapy. 

She is a board certified neuromuscular therapist, working for 22 years.


The journey first began. Life as an art major was the plan. This quickly changed to match her true calling. Branching off to fitness and sciences, she realized this was what she loved to do. 

Along with instructing fitness classes in the Hunterdon, Morris and Somerset County Areas, 

she gained a passion for helping people as a NJ certified home health aide.


One short year flew by but Jen took the plunge and started her own personal training company, 

honing in on the Califon area where she has lived since 1982.


Jen began exploring somewhat with what she is most well known for today by many. 

Training in physiology and body therapies, studying biomechanics, and pre-med for 

future physical therapy she interned with some local physical therapy centers, 

and began piecing the very complex puzzle of the human body, along with her fitness experience.


With 3 more years of business experience under her belt, she jumped to the next stepping stone. 

The Body Firm Fitness Company was born. There she grew her fitness business while training with 

a local power lifter for bodybuilding as well as training with step inventor Gin Miller, bodybuilders Arnold Schwartzenaggar and Franco Columbo.  For the next 6 years the hard knocks of a 

business in a bad economy would teach Jen the most valuable lessons in business.


She attended SSMT for neuromuscular therapy by calling of the heavens above:). 

This gave her some of the final necessary

 components to bring her to be the spectacular massage therapist she is today.  But a brief note added I do want to give my instructor Ron Diana full credit for his amazing teaching and compassion - for without his science based thinking I would have never completed this program. 

 Being a scientist I needed him for his infinite wisdom and  to give me the canvas so I could create my own picture.


Years passed but the exploration continued, all paths adding to the last but giving a fresh spin unlike any other. Her days of living and educating others on living a natural life began with her new home, a small farm in Long Valley, NJ. This allowed her to share her love for herbs, natural therapies, animals and simply, nature. Holistic Nutrition…Iridology…Naturopathy…all added one by one to her repertoire to prove this all can be 

incorporated into one big picture. She received degrees in all of these fascinating alternative subjects and found so many amazing mentors along the way included Dr. Paul Eck and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez.


With a bachelors in Holistic Nutrition and a Doctorate in Naturopathy, she continued to grow. She had received an Advanced Certification in Holistic Iridology as a Diplomat with the infamous Dr. David Pesek, International Holistic Iridologist. Achieved Board Certification Nationally as she has worked in the industry for 20 years.  


Jen continues her studies of nutritional balancing with Endomet Laboratories and homeopathy with Deseret Biologicals as well as pursuing her studies in iridology which she is currently conducting a group study and its connection with the Neuromuscular system.  She has also created a series of group classes in Movement using Tom Myers "Anatomy Trains " as well as incorporating her own personal techniques that she has contrived over the last 30 years.  The Institute of Naturopathy will be her newest focus as she helps to drive the force of her beliefs of bodywork and neuromuscular therapy to other therapists. 

 Jen is an avid beekeeper pursuing her farm’s apiary with over 30 beehives that feed off of the lavender field tended to by her husband and herbs tended to by her and her daughters. 

Jen still has a strong passion for art and a love for Ancient Greece and Archeology.          


Physio Architecture gets its approval for Trademark and Jen moves into the new 200 hour Physio Architecture certification program.  Jen starts her herbal program with David Winston as well as creating the course Benefits and Prevention of Holistic Massage a Foundation course for Physio Architecture.