Physio ArchitectureTM Certification

Do you want to expand your therapy practice and be on the top of your profession.  Physio Architecture will lead you into the future with the best Anatomy and Physiology training so that you can educate your client for progress and success.  Learn all aspects of therapy from holistic bodywork to movement therapy and all of the preventative techniques to help clients with chronic pain and dysfunction.  

This series of courses will consist of 200 hours of intense training covering 60 hours of Analysis to create a movement and therapy program + 60 hours of Neuromuscular Integrative Massage understanding how to make your massage both correcting and promoting holistic health.  This certification also teaches you about movement and how to integrate the health and wellness of movement into your practice with 20 hours of practicum.  The integration of neuromuscular therapy with movement but how to build a movement program for your clients will help you create or expand your business.  You will receive a certification from Physio Architecture and will then move forward as a Physio Architect rebuilding the future of bodywork and holistic wellness.  

I have been teaching in the fitness and movement industry since 1988 and have a unique model that I am moving into the industry with that will bring you into a league of therapist that will set new industry standards of expectation.

Physio Architecture

Complete Analysis

65 Hours

This is the first section of Physio Architecture and the foundation of all programming.  Within 12 weeks you will engage in every manual aspect of analysis, starting with Postural Analysis. The Corealign apparatus will be combined with movement and gait.  You will also learn strength and functional analysis on the Exero apparatus for the fusion of movement into analysis.  Flexibility and lines of movement will be addressed and all parts of the analysis will be used to create a unique and progressive program for you to present to your clients for their future of wellness.      Part 1 of Certification 

Cost  -  6 weeks  = $900

Physio Architecture

Neuromuscular Integration

65 Hours

For 22 years I have been studying Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and this is my technique.  I have integrated massage techniques into a session to build off of my analysis.  In these 65 hours you will take your analysis and muscle by muscle you will start working towards a new goal with your client.  This technique will help you keep your anatomy in top notch shape at all times.  Using it daily makes you not only a great therapist but a Physio Architect and that is what this program will turn you into.  A Unique Master of Massage Therapy

There is also a review of NMT for all of you who need to be sharpened up.

Part 2 of Certification

Cost - 6 weeks = $950

Physio Architecture

Movement Specialist

70 Hours

When you wonder how to be successful as a bodyworker think big.  Not just bodybuilding big (which by the way I did and trained with Arnold-not to brag) think movement.  After all it is all movement, so with that said I know movement-I have been moving now professionally now since 1988.  This 70 hours will finish your Physio Architecture Certification and give you the knowledge to work with a client one to one with movement.  We will go through the myofascial meridians, the theories of postural/phasic muscle and best of all learn how to apply them to movement and give your clients what they need to succeed and find Holistic Wellness.  Part 3 of Certification

Cost - 7 weeks - $1000