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Body Therapeutics

With over 20 years experience in bodywork and Neuromuscular therapy, notably called neuromuscular integration as her signature. Jennifer Cusmano continues to battle the issues of chronic pain with all directions of modalities. Jen believe's that holistic therapy is imperative as the body works as a whole unit and Jen strives for you to work towards a whole body maintenance plan for future success against chronic strain, pain and injuries

Her style and technique is unique and individual combining Swedish, Myofascial, Sports, Neuromuscular, Proprioceptive Reeducation and many other variations - "some just my own" - of massage therapy.

Assessment is always a part of the session and progressive therapy is the goal. A comprehensive Structural Analysis is required for a progressive therapy program which includes a movement analysis using the CoreAlign Apparatus, a postural analysis and a structural analysis identifying asymmetry of the musculo/skeletal system, fibrosities and dysfunction including an anatomical charting of the anatomy and a progressive therapy plan. This clinical analysis has been years in the making and Jen is very proud of how complete it makes the sessions for both client's and herself

Physio Architecture

Initial Consultation for Physio Architecture 

A comprehensive movement, postural and muscular analysis that will help you understand your structural imbalances. You will receive an assessment of movement with photos, a diagram of postural deviations and a muscle by muscle chart of asymmetries after each 12 session phase. This program is intended for clients who are going to work with me with my movement therapies. This assessment takes 2 hours and includes massage therapy table time.            $300

Physio Architecture 4 Phases

Phase 1 - Mastering Balance & Stability

Phase 2 - Mastering Strength & Flexibility

Phase 3 - Mastering Endurance & Coordination 

Phase 4 - Mastering holistic movement

  • each phase is between 12 weeks to 24 weeks depending on your skill and time commitment 
  • Sessions are 80 minutes in length and include postural rebalancing table time                    each session   $190
  • 12 week reevaluation                     2 hour session   $250