Whole Health Packages

Physio Architecture Structural Balancing

Functional Analysis - using the CoreAlign to assess movement and balance - Postural Analysis using the posture grid to assess weight bearing posture and alignment - Structural analysis- an in depth body treatment assessing  a wide variety of muscles and there balance.  Package includes the testing about with 2 comprehensive therapy session and a result consultation - Each session is 80 mins in length   Offered at $400

Body Conscious Health Package

Iridology evaluation of genetic predispositions and preventative care - Metabolic typing using the Kelley Metabolic Typing Test - AIP 12 week program including tissue cleansing.  This package will include an initial iris photo and 1 hour testing and full consultation.  This 12 week program is offered at $1200

Mineral Re-balancing

Hair Biopsy with intake and evaluation - Lab Analysis with comprehensive evaluation of biochemistry of physiological minerals and breakdown of toxic metals accumulated in systems. Analysis of mineral ratios and their correlation with body dysfunction - 1 month of nutritional balancing supplementation - session includes - initial intake & consultation. Offered at $400

Whole Systems Health Package

All of the above packages for whole systems - Body Structure - Biochemistry and Genetic Predisposition plus cleansing.  this package will include and initial 2 hours evaluation and treatment plus photos and test, a 2 hour follow up with evaluation and 12 week follow up session and review.  This program will also include the AIP 12 week program with Sauna and Vibafit.

It is offered at - $2000